Acecook Maru Uma Shrimp Tempura Instant Soba Noodle 57g

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Acecook Maru Uma Shrimp Tempura Instant Soba Noodle 57g
Acecook Maru Uma Shrimp Tempura Instant Soba Noodle 57g
Regular price $3.32 USD
Sale price $3.90 USD

Indulge in the authentic taste of Japan with Acecook Maru Uma Shrimp Tempura Instant Soba Noodle. Crafted for connoisseurs, each 57g serving is a symphony of traditional flavors and quick convenience.

Key Benefits:

  • Authentic Japanese Tsuyu: Savor the richness of bonito-infused soy sauce broth, elevating your palate with every slurp.
  • Gourmet Ingredients: Enjoy the crunch of delicate shrimp tempura, complemented by the umami of fried eggs, wakame, and onions.
  • Easy Preparation: Experience the classic taste of Japan in minutes, perfect for the bustling lifestyle of noodle aficionados.

Acecook’s commitment to quality ensures a gourmet instant soba experience that’s both deeply satisfying and effortlessly enjoyable. 

‎Fried rice noodles (flour (made in Japan), buckwheat flour, vegetable oil, vegetable protein, salt, chicken seasoning, sugar, yamo powder, vegetable seasoning), soup (salt, sugar, seaboni powder, soy sauce, nibushi extract, yeast extract, vegetable oil, chili pepper, whole egg), bite. Powder, Seasoning Acids, etc.), calcium carbonate, caramel pigment, trsodium phosphate, antioxidant (vitamin E), sweetener (sucrose), carotenoid pigment, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, (some may include wheat, buckwheat, egg, dairy ingredients, shrimp, soy, chicken, pork, potato)

Acecook is a renowned Japanese food brand specializing in instant noodles and ready-to-eat meals. Established in 1948, Acecook combines traditional Japanese flavors with innovative recipes to deliver high-quality, convenient, and delicious products.

Their popular offerings include a variety of ramen, udon, and yakisoba, loved by customers worldwide for their authentic taste and ease of preparation. Discover the essence of Japanese cuisine with Acecook's diverse range of instant meals, perfect for quick and satisfying dining experiences.

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