Acnes Medicated Clear Lotion 180ml

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Acnes Medicated Clear Lotion 180ml - Buy Me Japan
Acnes Medicated Clear Lotion 180ml
Regular price $12.67 USD
Sale price $14.90 USD
Transform your skincare regime with Acnes Medicated Clear Lotion, the ultimate ally in your battle for blemish-free skin. This 180ml tonic is a powerhouse of medicinal and moisturizing ingredients, meticulously formulated to not only prevent acne but also to nurture your skin to its pristine glory.

  • Deep Pore Purification: With Isopropyl methyl phenol, it effectively sterilizes acne-causing bacteria, reaching deep within pores to ensure a clear complexion.
  • Soothing Anti-inflammatory: Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate reduces inflammation, minimizing redness and irritation, making it ideal for a calm, acne-resistant visage.
  • Gentle Exfoliation & Hydration: A blend of glycolic and lactic acids gently exfoliates, while Vitamin C and aloe extracts provide a surge of hydration, leaving the skin smooth and revitalized.

Active Ingredients
Isopropyl methyl phenol, dipotassium glycyrrrhizinate

Vitamin C phosphate, Mg glycolic acid, lactic acid, tocopherol acetate, yoginine extract, aloe extract (2), dark glycerin, BG, arginine, PEG (30), 2 NA succinate, POE hardened castor oil, edetoate, succinate, water free ethanol, 2-methacryloyl oxyethyl phosporine Butyl acrylate Copolymer liquid, fragrance

Acnes, by Rohto, a renowned brand in Japan, is widely recognized for its skincare products, especially those tailored for acne-prone skin. With their philosophy rooted in science and dermatological expertise, Acnes offers a variety of solutions to combat acne, aiming to achieve healthy, clear skin for its users.

Their product lineup includes cleansers, lotions, serums, and treatment products that are gentle on the skin while effectively treating and preventing acne. Acnes' dedication to skincare innovation has made it a trusted name among consumers seeking reliable skincare solutions.

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