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Indulge in the rich and velvety embrace of Ajinomoto Cup Soup Creamy Tomato, a culinary delight hailing from Japan that effortlessly marries the essence of farm-fresh tomatoes with a smooth, sumptuous creaminess. Each sachet transforms into a luscious potage that encapsulates the sun-kissed flavor of a whole ripe tomato, offering an effortless gourmet experience. With its meticulously crafted blend of natural ingredients, from tangy tomato powder to savory cheese, this soup is an ode to simplicity and taste.

Unveil the benefits of this exquisite soup—your gateway to a quick yet luxurious gastronomic journey:

  • Ripe Tomato Goodness: Each cup brims with the natural sweetness and antioxidants of a whole, ripe tomato, promising a healthful and hearty soup experience.
  • Creamy Satisfaction: The fusion of creaming powder and cheese lends a decadently creamy texture, creating a comforting embrace with each spoonful.
  • Convenient Gourmet: Ready in minutes, this soup brings the elegance of Japanese cuisine to your table, offering a gourmet treat that's both quick and satisfying.

Tomato powder, starch, dried tomatoes, creaming powder, dextrin, sugar, cheese, salt, edible processed oil, whole milk powder, kelp extract, yeast extract, onion, spices, parsley/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), acidity (Contains wheat, milk ingredients, and soybeans in part)

About The Brand: Ajinomoto

The Ajinomoto Group story began in 1908 when scientist Dr. Kikunae Ikeda discovered that the amino acid found in traditional Japanese seaweed soup (also called dashi), L-glutamic acid, is the source of umami – the savory, fifth taste found in many foods. This discovery led to the founding of Ajinomoto Co.

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