Bourbon Petit Consomme Flavor Mini Potato Chips 38g

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Bourbon Petit Consomme Flavor Mini Potato Chips 38g - Buy Me Japan
Bourbon Petit Consomme Flavor Mini Potato Chips 38g
Regular price $2.29 USD

Step into a world of savory delight with Bourbon Petit Consomme Flavor Mini Potato Chips. These delectably tiny chips are a powerhouse of flavor, infused with a rich consommé of chicken and vegetables, capturing the essence of a hearty soup in a snackable form. Tailored to satisfy with just the right portion, these chips are a perfect pick-me-up for any age or occasion.

  • Intense Flavor: Savor the depth of a gourmet consommé, perfectly balanced with notes of chicken and aromatic vegetables.
  • Snack-Sized Portions: Designed for light snacking, these mini chips prevent overeating while still providing a fulfilling experience.
  • All-Age Appeal: Their easy-to-eat size makes them a universal crowd-pleaser, welcoming everyone from the youthful to the young at heart to a world of flavor.

    Dried potato (made overseas), vegetable oil, salt, onion powder, sugar, dextrin, vegetable extract powder, spices, yeast extract powder (including dairy ingredients, eggs, chicken, protein hydrolyzes (including soybeans), glucose, flavoring food, vegetable powder, chicken oil, roast soy seasoning (including wheat and soybean), starch, soy. Protein, Chicken Powder (including wheat and soy)/emulsifier (contains soybeans), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), flavoring, acidulant, antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C), processed starch, silicon oxide

    Bourbon is a Japanese confectionery company that specializes in producing a wide range of sweets and snacks. The brand was established in 1924, and since then, it has become a household name in Japan, known for its high-quality, delicious treats.

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