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Elevate your snacking game with Bourbon Petit Langue de Chat Mini Cookies - a delightful medley of crisp biscuit and creamy chocolate that promises to enchant your taste buds. Perfectly portioned for a quick treat, these mini cookies are the quintessence of Japanese confectionery craftsmanship in a bite-sized indulgence.

  • Exquisite Texture: A symphony of textures, featuring a crisp cookie crunch paired with luxuriously smooth chocolate cream.
  • Perfectly Portioned: Ideal for satisfying those tiny cravings without overindulgence, making them a smart choice for balanced snacking.
  • Versatile Enjoyment: Whether enjoyed solo or shared with loved ones, these cookies enhance any social gathering or personal treat time with a touch of sweetness.

Flour (made in Japan), sugar, margarine (including dairy ingredients), liquid egg white (including eggs), vegetable oil, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, lactose, cacao mass, butter, salt/emulsifier (from soy), fragrance (from milk), leavening agent

About The Brand: Bourbon

Bourbon is a Japanese confectionery company that specializes in producing a wide range of sweets and snacks. The brand was established in 1924, and since then, it has become a household name in Japan, known for its high-quality, delicious treats.

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