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Step into a world of unique confectionery delight with Bourbon Warabi Mochi Soft Cookies – a decadent fusion of traditional Japanese Warabimochi and the comforting warmth of soft-baked cookies. Celebrating the beloved flavors of Japan, each cookie encapsulates the essence of japanese mochi, paired with the rich, nostalgic undertones of brown sugar and kinako. Designed for convenience and crafted for communal joy, these individually wrapped treasures are perfect for sharing or savoring solo.

  • Authentic Japanese Flavors: Infused with kinako and brown sugar, each cookie offers a genuine taste of Japan's cherished Warabimochi dessert.
  • Mochi Sensation: Enjoy the novel delight of brown sugar mochi flavor, harmonizing the soft squishy mochi texture with the satisfying chew of a cookie.
  • Shareable Delight: Perfectly portioned and individually wrapped, these soft cookies are crafted for easy sharing, enhancing any gathering or as a thoughtful treat for friends and loved ones.

Flour (made in Japan), sugar, margarine (including dairy ingredients), sugar syrup, shortening, brown sugar, sweetened condensed milk, kinako (contains soy), salt, molasses, whole liquid eggs, straw flour/sorbitol, trehalose, gelling agent (sodium alginate), leavening agent (milk derived), emulsifier (soybean), processed starch

About The Brand: Bourbon

Bourbon is a Japanese confectionery company that specializes in producing a wide range of sweets and snacks. The brand was established in 1924, and since then, it has become a household name in Japan, known for its high-quality, delicious treats.

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