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The Calbee Jagarico 3 Flavors Set offers a delightful assortment of three delicious flavors in convenient 57g packs. Indulge in the perfect balance of taste and crunch with these savory potato snacks.

1. Salt Salad Flavor: This flavor brings a refreshing twist to your snacking experience. The combination of salt and salad-inspired seasonings creates a unique and satisfying taste. Each bite delivers a crisp texture and a burst of flavor that will leave you craving for more.

2. Cheese Flavor: Prepare your taste buds for a savory treat with the Cheese flavor. These Jagarico sticks are coated in a rich and creamy cheese seasoning, providing a harmonious blend of cheesy goodness. Enjoy the crispy potato texture with the delightful tang of cheese in every bite.

3. Butter Potato Flavor: Experience the comforting taste of buttery goodness with the Butter Potato flavor. These sticks are seasoned with a buttery flavor that perfectly complements the natural potato taste. The result is a delectable combination of smooth and savory flavors that will leave you wanting another handful.

Each pack contains 57g of these delectable snacks, providing a convenient and satisfying portion for your enjoyment. Whether you're snacking at home, on the go, or sharing with friends, the Calbee Jagarico 3 Flavors Set is a delightful choice that will satisfy your cravings for delicious and crispy potato snacks.


Potato (domestic), vegetable oil, dried potato, cheddar cheese, cheese sauce, whey powder, powdered vegetable oil, salt, white pepper, camembert cheese powder / emulsifier (contains soybeans), seasonings (amino acids, etc.), carotenoid pigment, fragrance , hydroxide Ca, antioxidant (V.C)

Salt Salad:

Potatoes (domestic), vegetable oil, dried potatoes, powdered skim milk, powdered vegetable oil, milk-based foods, salt, dried carrots, parsley, pepper / emulsifiers (including soybeans), seasonings (amino acids, etc.), oxidation Inhibitor (V.C), fragrance

Butter Potato:

Potatoes (domestic), vegetable oil, dried potatoes, whey powder, butter-flavored paste, powdered oil, salt, butter powder, lactose, parsley, dextrin, milk-based foods, butter oil / emulsifiers (including soybeans), Flavors, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), antioxidants (V.C.)

About The Brand: Calbee

Calbee is a well-known and beloved Japanese snacks brand that has been delighting taste buds since its establishment in 1949. Renowned for its innovative flavors, high-quality ingredients, and commitment to creating delicious snacks, Calbee has become a household name in Japan and gained popularity worldwide.

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