Fujiya Country Maam Matcha Gateau Chocolat Soft Cookies (14 Units)

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Fujiya Country Maam Matcha Gateau Chocolat Soft Cookies (14 Units) - Buy Me Japan
Fujiya Country Maam Matcha Gateau Chocolat Soft Cookies (14 Units)
Regular price $6.90 USD

Indulge in the exquisite fusion of East meets West with Fujiya's Country Ma'am Matcha Gateau Chocolat Soft Cookies. Each bite offers a symphony of flavors, thoughtfully crafted with the finest Kagoshima Prefecture matcha and rich Dutch cocoa, curated under the expert guidance of Ikeda Seicha, a tea authority with a storied heritage.

  • Authentic Matcha Experience: Revel in the authentic Japanese matcha, known for its vibrant hue and harmonious blend of sweetness and delicate bitterness, appealing to the modern palate's appreciation for genuine, regional flavors.
  • Chocolate Indulgence: The luxurious incorporation of Dutch cocoa and chocolate chips creates a decadent gateau experience, tapping into the trend of globally-sourced premium ingredients.
  • Crafted for Quality: With its dedication to using domestic flour and a careful selection of ingredients like full-fat soy flour and gardenia pigment, these soft cookies are not just a treat but a testament to quality and tradition, resonating with consumers' growing demand for artisanal and heritage-rich products.

Embrace the art of Japanese confectionery with every delightful, soft bite of Fujiya's Country Ma'am Matcha Gateau Chocolat Cookies.

Flour (domestic production), sugar, vegetable oil, chocolate chips (contains milk ingredients), reduced starch syrup, white nerian (contains milk ingredients), eggs, full-fat soy flour, matcha, skim milk powder, starch syrup, cocoa, salt , egg yolk (including egg), whole milk powder/modified starch, emulsifier (derived from milk/soybean), fragrance, stabilizer (modified starch), leavening agent, gardenia pigment

Fujiya is a storied Japanese brand, renowned for its delightful confections that have captured hearts since 1910. Known for the iconic character Peko-chan, Fujiya offers a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation through its wide array of sweets, embodying Japan's rich cultural heritage and its dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

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