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Indulge in a symphony of crunch and smoothness with Lotte Crunky Crunch Chocolate Pack! This scrumptious set includes 23 units of bite-sized chocolates that envelop a unique, crispy malt puffed center in rich, velvety chocolate—crafted to perfection for your snacking delight.

  • Premium Quality Ingredients: Sourced from Japan and Korea, the finest sugar and cacao ensure a luxurious taste experience with every bite.
  • Perfect Texture Balance: The combination of smooth milk chocolate and airy, malt-infused crunch offers an irresistible multi-sensory treat.
  • Convenient Indulgence: Packaged in individual portions, these chocolates are ideal for on-the-go enjoyment or sharing with friends and family.

Sugar (made in Japan or Korea), whole milk powder, cacao mass, lactose, vegetable oil and fats, cocoa butter, wheat flour, starch, malt extract, salt/emulsifier (derived from soy), trehalose, leavening agent, fragrance, caramel pigment

About The Brand: Lotte

Lotte is a well-known Japanese brand that specializes in various consumer goods and services. Founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 1948, Lotte has grown into a diverse conglomerate with a significant presence in multiple industries, including confectionery, food and beverages, retail, entertainment, and more.

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