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Indulge in the soothing sanctuary of MUJI's Medicated Lip Cream, a meticulously crafted solution for sensitive skin. This 5.3g of hypoallergenic bliss is your answer to achieving supple, serene lips without the worry of irritation. MUJI liberates you from the concerns that come with sensitivities, delivering a lip care experience that is as protective as it is pampering.

  • Sensitivity Savior: Specially formulated for delicate skin, MUJI's lip cream offers a tranquil touch with its hypoallergenic properties, ensuring your lips receive only the kindest care without compromising efficacy.
  • Purely Nourishing: Crafted without added scents, colors, or parabens, and steering clear of alcohol, it's the epitome of purity. The allergy-tested formula is a gentle giant in a world of harsh lip care, providing peace of mind with every application.
  • Medicinal Marvel: Powered by tocopherol acetate and stearyl glycyrrhetinate, it not only moisturizes but also protects. These active agents are the guardians of your lips' well-being, working to soothe and repair while warding off external irritants.

Step into a world where lip care is a comforting embrace with MUJI's Medicated Lip Cream—where sensitive skin is not an afterthought but the main priority.

    [Active ingredients] Tocopherol Acetate, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate [Other ingredients] Other ingredients: Troli (capri capri caprine, micistine, stearate), glyceryl, paraffin, candelylarrow, fluid paraffin, squalane, purified lanolin, tryethyl hexanate, white vaseline, triisostearate. Giglyceryl, BHT

    About The Brand: MUJI

    MUJI, short for Mujirushi Ryohin, is a Japanese retail company renowned for its minimalist design aesthetic and no-brand policy. The brand emphasizes eco-friendly production, simplicity, and the essence of functionality in its wide array of products, which include household goods, apparel, stationery, and food items. MUJI's commitment to high-quality materials and affordable prices has cultivated a loyal following globally, making it a staple for consumers seeking understated elegance and sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

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