Nanoa SC Lotion 150ml

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Nanoa SC Lotion 150ml - Buy Me Japan
Nanoa SC Lotion 150ml
Regular price $31.90 USD
Unveiling the Nanoa SC Lotion 150ml – the quintessence of Japanese innovation in anti-aging skincare. Meticulously crafted after extensive research, this premium lotion is an embodiment of luxury and science, providing unparalleled care for your skin.

  • Eminent Stem Cell Technology: Infused with "High Purity Human Stem Cell Cultivation Liquid," this potion harnesses the regenerative power of stem cells, a breakthrough highly sought after by beauty connoisseurs and dermatology experts. Embrace the future of skincare with each application.
  • Vitamin-Rich Formula for Youthful Radiance: A potent cocktail of vitamins A, B2, B6, C (APPS), and E derivatives work synergistically to nourish, hydrate, and firm, revealing a sculpted, luminous complexion. Vitamins are the unsung heroes, and here, they shine prominently, catering to the market's growing desire for nutrient-enriched skincare.
  • Optimal Moisture with No Compromise: The strategic amalgamation of ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and nano-encapsulated horse placenta ensures lush moisture retention without a heavy feel. The trend leans towards efficacious hydration that feels as natural as it is potent, and Nanoa SC Lotion delivers precisely that.

Free from harsh chemicals and filled with nature's finest, Nanoa SC Lotion 150ml is the touch of daily luxury and efficacy your skin deserves. Elevate your skincare routine to a celestial level with this Japanese marvel.

Water, glycerin, pliers glycol, BG, lepagermanium, placenta extract, human genetically modified oligopeptide 1, human genetically modified polypeptido 11, human fat cell order culture extract, water-soluble collagen, retinol, sodium riboflavinate, pyidoxine HCI, palmicinate, palmicinate, palmicinate, palmicinate. Asscorville chinate 3 Na Phosphate, Asscorville Glucoside, Ceramide NP, Fullerene, PVP, Tocopherol, Acetyl Hexapeptide 8, Polyquateranium-51, Uvinone, lecithin, Dyed Seed Extract, Succinoyl Aterrocollagen, Sodium Hyaluronic Acate, Ascorbyl Celebrocidosid , French Caigan Shaw. Bark Extract, Olive Fruit Oil, Caninabara Fruit Oil, Super Oxydodismutase, 2K Glycyrrhizinate, Allantoin, Sodium Phosphate, Propandiol, Corn Oil, Citric Acid, Glyceryl Palmitate, Polyglycerine 10, Polysorbate 60, (Citric Acid / Lactic Acid / Linolic Acid / Oleic Acid / Oleic Acid Acid) glycery Le,PEG-60 Waterborne Castor Oil, 1,2-Hexandiol, Capriyl Glycol, Tropolon, Fexiethanol

Nanoa is a renowned Japanese brand known for its skincare products. It offers a range of products, including a luxurious enzyme face wash powder that is formulated to unclog pores and remove dirt effectively source. It's also known for selling face rollers source, and a moisturizing cream, which is dermatologist acclaimed and contains beneficial ingredients like Vitamin C, Ceramide, and Hyaluronic Acid source. All their products are manufactured in Japan with high quality standards.

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