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Ruysdael Assorted Cookies & Almond/Cocoa Leafs Gift Set (36 Pieces) - a luxurious journey through delectable flavors that Japan has to offer. This set marries the intense, aromatic bitterness of cacao with the sophisticated crunch of our signature Almond Leaf, and the rich, velvety crumble of Lois Dahl fabric. Add to it our Chocolaria mix - a unique medley of cookies that promises a mouthfeel like no other. These are presented alongside our Longgee set, a curated selection designed for the discerning palate.

  • Sensory Overload: Experience the myriad flavors and textures - from the crunch of almonds to the smoothness of chocolate.
  • Quality Ingredients: Enjoy the best of Japan with locally sourced flour and rich, velvety dairy ingredients. No compromise on quality!
  • Perfect Gift: With 36 pieces of divine treats, this makes for a generous gift, perfect for making someone feel extra special.

Ingredients: Sugar, almond, butter, flour, egg, cocoa powder, chocolate, cocoa butter, salt, whole milk powder, margarine, shortening, cinnamon, ginger (additive): flavoring, leavening agent, emulsifier, coloring (caroten), (some parts include wheat, egg, dairy ingredients, soy, almond)

About The Brand: Ruysdael

Established in 12017 (1923).We have been making high quality chocolate for nearly a century.

Kenzo Oura, the third generation started the brand "Lois Dahl" in 1972.

We have developed the amandreaf, a pie confectioner, which draws the moth of fresh butter to the fullest, and continue the taste of tradition.

With Nakano City, Matsu, opened its shop at a famous department store and its headquarters on the hill, there is an increased opportunity to offer our customers all over the country.

We continue to protect and convey our growing "delicious" to the next generation, while also polishing them and providing new values.

And we will bring happiness to you through treats.

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