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S&B Foods Smart Spice Wasabi Salt 16g

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S&B Foods Smart Spice Wasabi Salt 16g - Buy Me Japan
S&B Foods Smart Spice Wasabi Salt 16g
Regular price $3.90 USD

Experience the thrill of Japanese cuisine with S&B Foods Smart Spice Wasabi Salt in a convenient 16g package, masterfully crafted for those who crave a gentle introduction to spice. This blend offers a harmonious balance of heat and flavor, perfect for the modern palate.

  • Bold Wasabi Flavor: Infused with the piquant taste of wasabi, it delivers a controlled, exhilarating kick, aligning with the trend towards adventurous eating experiences.
  • Enhances Any Dish: Transform simple meals into gourmet creations, from a zesty tempura dip to a dynamic salad topping, appealing to the foodie seeking versatility.
  • User-Friendly: Designed in a small-sized format for effortless storage and usage, making it ideal for spice novices and culinary experts to explore wasabi's unique taste without overwhelming the senses.

Dare to dazzle your dishes with a dash of S&B Foods Smart Spice Wasabi Salt, where each grain promises a journey of vibrant heat and umami depth.

Salt, wasabi, sugar, lactose, glucose

Looking for delicious and authentic Japanese flavors? Look no further than S&B Foods! Their high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes bring the taste of Japan right to your kitchen. From spicy curry to savory miso soup, S&B Foods has something that please every palate. Discover the best of Japanese cuisine with S&B Foods.

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