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Savor the unique fusion of Tohato Caramel Corn Uji Matcha, a limited edition snack that tantalizes the palate with its lush matcha essence. Crafted with the revered Uji matcha and enriched with brown sugar, this snack offers a profound depth of flavor. The addition of milk enhances its smoothness, creating a mellow yet rich matcha caramel experience in every airy, crispy cone. As the No.1 cornhole snack sale, it's not just a treat but a sensation.

  • Deep Uji Matcha Flavor: Infused with premium Uji matcha for an authentic, deep matcha taste that captivates connoisseurs.
  • Crispy & Fluffy Texture: Unbeatable lightness meets a satisfying crunch, making it a delightful snack any time.
  • Limited Edition Indulgence: This exclusive dark matcha flavor is a rare treat for those seeking a twist on traditional caramel corn.

    Corngritz (made in Japan), Sugar, Vegetable Fats, Margarine, Matcha Tea Paste, Salt, Sugar Lily Milk/Sorbitol, Fragrance, Emulsifier, Carotenoid Coloring (some contain dairy ingredients and soy)

    About The Brand: Tohato

    Tohato is a celebrated Japanese brand, renowned for crafting unforgettable snack experiences. Since 1948, Tohato's dedication to quality and innovation has seen them create a delightful array of products that combine traditional Japanese flavors with a creative twist. Committed to excellence, they use only premium ingredients, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable treat every time. Whether it's their famous Caramel Corn or other unique offerings, Tohato is a pioneer in taste, making them a household name in Japan and beyond. Discover Tohato and indulge in a flavour journey like no other.

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