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Indulge in the refined elegance of Tohato Harvest Uji Matcha Biscuits, a scintillating fusion of traditional Japanese flavors and contemporary snacking. Crafted with the finest Uji Matcha, renowned for its superior quality, these biscuits embody the essence of Japan in every bite.

  • Authentic Uji Matcha: Experience the true taste of Japan with premium Uji Matcha, celebrated for its rich aroma and profound flavor, elevating these biscuits to a luxurious treat for matcha connoisseurs.
  • Crisp, Light Texture: Delight in the delicate crunch that gives way to a melt-in-your-mouth sensation, a testament to Tohato's mastery in creating the perfect biscuit texture.
  • Healthful Indulgence: With the natural goodness of matcha and the benefit of antioxidants from vitamin E, enjoy a guilt-free snack that doesn't compromise on taste or quality.

Savor the harmony of traditional tea culture and modern sophistication with every tin of Tohato Harvest Uji Matcha Biscuits.


      Flour (made in Japan), sugar, vegetable oil, shortening, bread flour, glucose, salt, wheat protein, matcha, powdered skim milk/leavening agent, coloring (chlorella powder), flavoring, antioxidants (vitamin E), emulsifier, (some parts contain dairy ingredients, wheat, and soy)

      About The Brand: Tohato

      Tohato is a celebrated Japanese brand, renowned for crafting unforgettable snack experiences. Since 1948, Tohato's dedication to quality and innovation has seen them create a delightful array of products that combine traditional Japanese flavors with a creative twist. Committed to excellence, they use only premium ingredients, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable treat every time. Whether it's their famous Caramel Corn or other unique offerings, Tohato is a pioneer in taste, making them a household name in Japan and beyond. Discover Tohato and indulge in a flavour journey like no other.

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