Tsubaki Premium Ex Intensive Repair Set 490ml Each + Hair Mask 40g

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Tsubaki Premium Ex Intensive Repair Set 490ml Each + Hair Mask 40g - Buy Me Japan
Tsubaki Premium Ex Intensive Repair Set 490ml Each + Hair Mask 40g
Regular price $34.90 USD
Tsubaki Premium Ex Intensive Repair Set is the ultimate hair care solution for achieving healthy, strong, and beautiful locks. This set includes two 490ml bottles of Tsubaki Premium Ex Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, along with a bonus 40g Hair Mask for an intensive treatment.

The Tsubaki Premium Ex Intensive Repair Shampoo is specially formulated to repair and rejuvenate damaged hair. It contains a blend of luxurious Tsubaki (camellia) oil and other nourishing ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair shaft, repairing and strengthening each strand from within. This shampoo gently cleanses the hair, removing impurities and residue, while leaving it feeling silky smooth and manageable.

Paired with the shampoo, the Tsubaki Premium Ex Intensive Repair Conditioner provides a deep conditioning treatment that replenishes moisture and nutrients to the hair. It helps to detangle and smoothen the hair, while improving its elasticity and reducing breakage. The result is hair that is soft, shiny, and full of life.

As a bonus, the set includes a Hair Mask for an extra boost of hydration and repair. This intensive treatment mask deeply nourishes and revitalizes the hair, restoring its natural shine and vitality. It is perfect for those with dry, damaged, or over-processed hair, providing a luxurious spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

The Tsubaki Premium Ex Intensive Repair Set is suitable for all hair types and is particularly beneficial for damaged, brittle, or chemically treated hair. With regular use, you can expect noticeable improvements in the texture, strength, and overall health of your hair. Treat yourself to this comprehensive hair care set and indulge in the transformative power of Tsubaki for stunningly beautiful locks.


Water, Sodium Laurless Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sorbitol, Glycol, Glycerin, Guarhydroxypropyl Chloride, (Proprimonium Chloridocryluamide/Dimethyl Acrylamide), Copolymer, Sodium Chloride, Laurroyl Glutamate (Phitosteryldecyldecylde. Camellia seed. Oil, Lycinic Gultamate, Royal Jelly Extract, Lactic Acid, Sodium Acetyl Hyaluronic Acid, Daize Seed Extract, Hydrolyzed Conchiolin, PEG-2 Lauric Acid, Sodium Sulfate, DPG, Lauric Acid, Dimethicone, Salicylic Acid, Citric Acid, EDTA-2Na, Laurymon. Umechloride, Lauroid Methyltaurine Soa, BG, AmoDimethicone, PPG-2-Deceses-12, Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance, Yellow 5, Yellow 4


Water, stearyl alcohol, isopenyldiol, behentrimonium chloride, glycerin, dimethicone, sorbitol, cetanol, aminopropyl dimethicone, water-based polyisobutene, polysilicone-13, stertimium chloride, sodium chloride, lauroid glutamate (phitostereosite) lil/octyl Dodecyl), taxidermy seed oil, sodium dylauyl glutamate, royal jelly extract, lactic acid, sodium acetyl hyaluronic acid, daisy seed extract, hydrolyzed concchiolin, isopropyl myristate, DPG, sodium methyltaurate, PEG-2, salicylic acid, Laurrill Tri Monium Chloride, EDTA-2Na, BG, Cetrimonium Chloride, Amodimethicone, PPG-2-desses-12, Tocopherol, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Red 227, Yellow 4

Tsubaki is a renowned Japanese hair care brand that has gained a reputation for its exceptional quality and effectiveness in nurturing and beautifying hair. Drawing inspiration from the revered Japanese camellia flower, Tsubaki offers a range of products infused with camellia oil, a key ingredient known for its nourishing and moisturizing properties.

Tsubaki's commitment to hair health and beauty is evident in its extensive lineup of products designed to address various hair concerns. From shampoos and conditioners to hair treatments and styling products, Tsubaki offers a comprehensive range that caters to different hair types and needs.

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