Tsujiri Matcha Milk 190g

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Tsujiri Matcha Milk 190g - Buy Me Japan
Tsujiri Matcha Milk 190g
Regular price $8.90 USD
Indulge in the authentic and delicate flavor of Tsujiri Matcha Milk 190g, a cherished delight hailing from Japan. This quintessential beverage showcases a vibrant blend of premium Matcha sourced from Japan, fused with a creamy texture offered by locally procured dairy. It's complemented by a subtle sweetness due to the inclusion of Japanese sugar.

  • The Perfect Balance: The amalgamation of high-quality Matcha with a hint of creaming powder creates a perfect balance of flavors, ensuring a heavenly taste that lingers on your palate.
  • Authentic Japanese Ingredients: Every sip you take is a testament to the authenticity of Japanese cuisine. From the sugar to the Matcha, each ingredient is locally sourced from Japan, promising an authentic experience.
  • Nutritious & Delicious: Apart from its delectable taste, Tsujiri Matcha Milk is also packed with the nutritional benefits of Matcha. It's a delicious way to add a healthful twist to your daily diet.

Embrace the taste of Japan with Tsujiri Matcha Milk - your refreshing escape into the world of delightful flavors.

Sugar (made in Japan), creaming powder (dextrin, vegetable oil), glucose, matcha, dextrin, milk etc.), salt, yeast extract / sodium casein, pH conditioner, emulsifier, stabilizer (CMC), ca-phosphate, fragrance, (some contain dairy ingredients)

Tsujiri Matcha is a renowned Japanese brand with over 160 years of history, specializing in Matcha (green tea) products. Established in 1860 in Uji, Kyoto, the brand embraces the tradition of Japanese tea culture and brings high-quality, richly flavored Matcha to the global stage. Tsujiri Matcha offers a wide range of products, from classic Matcha tea to innovative Matcha-infused desserts and drinks, providing an authentic Japanese Matcha experience to customers worldwide.

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