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Uchibori Mino Special Seasoned Ponzu Sauce is a traditional Japanese sauce made with soy sauce, vinegar, citrus juice, and natural seasonings. This delicious and versatile sauce is perfect for adding flavor to a variety of dishes, including grilled meats, seafood, salads, and noodles.

The tangy and refreshing taste of Uchibori Mino Special Seasoned Ponzu Sauce is derived from the high-quality citrus fruits that are used in its production. It is made with yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit known for its strong and unique flavor, which gives the sauce its signature taste.

This sauce is also seasoned with natural ingredients, including bonito fish flakes, kelp, and shiitake mushrooms, which add depth and complexity to the flavor profile. It is free from artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors, making it a healthy and delicious addition to your meals.

Uchibori Mino Special Seasoned Ponzu Sauce is easy to use and can be enjoyed as a dipping sauce, salad dressing, or marinade. Its versatile flavor makes it a staple ingredient in Japanese cuisine, and it can be used to enhance the taste of many other dishes as well.

Overall, Uchibori Mino Special Seasoned Ponzu Sauce is a must-have for any food lover who enjoys authentic Japanese flavors. Its high-quality ingredients and delicious taste make it a perfect addition to your kitchen pantry, and you will find yourself reaching for it time and time again.

Ingredients: soy sauce, brewed vinegar, sugar, citrus juice, salt, bonito flakes, kelp

About The Brand: Uchibori

Uchibori is a Japanese Brand based in Nagano that produces a variety of Japanese Sauces.

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