With White Whitening Supplement 30-day Supply (60 Tablets)

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With White Whitening Supplement 30-day Supply (60 Tablets)
With White Whitening Supplement 30-day Supply (60 Tablets)
Regular price $24.90 USD

Revitalize your beauty regime from within with With White Whitening Supplement, a 30-day journey to more radiant skin. This cutting-edge Japanese supplement, packed in a 60-tablet supply, is intricately formulated with a synergy of Placenta Collagen and Vitamin B2, aiming to support a luminous and healthy complexion. Developed by experts in whitening cosmetics, With White offers a beacon of rejuvenation for those seeking a holistic approach to beauty.

  • Advanced Whitening Support - Incorporating Brightening Pine extract, a trendsetting ingredient derived from pine fruit, With White is at the forefront of promoting a visibly brighter, more even skin tone.
  • Premium Placenta Formulation - Sourced from high-grade, SPF pigs raised under strict immune control, the placenta content is enriched with vital amino acids and peptides, ensuring a luxurious and ethical path to beauty.
  • Complex of B Vitamins & Antioxidants - A robust blend of B vitamins, including B2, B6, and B12, paired with Vitamin C and goji berry extract, fortifies the supplement's capacity to nourish the skin and combat oxidative stress.

Embrace the essence of luminosity with With White Whitening Supplement, where every tablet is a step closer to your brightest, healthiest self.

How to use?

Take 2 tablets per day.

Reduced maltose starch syrup (manufactured in Japan), dextrin, pineapple fruit extract, vegetable oil containing vitamin E, elastomer paste Do (derived from bonito), fermented and aged placenta extract (including pork), moon peach leaf extract, goji berry extract, fish Collagen petite, Paphia exhaust/vitamin C, cellulose, cyclode Cystrin, Ca stearate, fine silicon oxide, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin Min B12

A Japanese brand that is focused in high quality and also the beauty not just personal, but the life as a whole.

The main ingredient is the water soluble placenta extract with is know by its antiinflammatories and anti-aging properties.

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