Yamasen Shoyu Whole Bean Soy Sauce Glass Bottle 360ml

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Yamasen Shoyu Whole Bean Soy Sauce Glass Bottle 360ml - Buy Me Japan
Yamasen Shoyu Whole Bean Soy Sauce Glass Bottle 360ml
Regular price $29.90 USD
Introducing Yamasen Shoyu's Whole Bean Soy Sauce, a 360ml testament to the purity of Iwate Prefecture's artisanal craftsmanship. This soy sauce is a symphony of earthy undertones and mellow complexity, brewed in the open air to achieve perfection in every drop.

  • Outdoor Brewed Perfection: The traditional outdoor fermentation process harnesses the natural elements, resulting in a soy sauce with a character that resonates with today's trend towards authentic, slow-crafted food products.
  • Wholesome Whole Bean Flavor: Utilizing whole, non-GMO soybeans, Yamasen Shoyu delivers a richer, more rounded umami experience, aligning with the current health-conscious movement and demand for wholesome ingredients. 
  • Local Ingredient Heritage: Proudly made with locally sourced, non-genetically modified soybeans and wheat, this soy sauce champions regional agriculture and satisfies the market's growing desire for locally-produced and sustainable food options.

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